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Signature Treatments at Inchydoney Island Spa: Signature Treatments include a Diamond & Gold Skin Revival Ritual

We work very closely with our partners in Les Luneides Paris to create both luxurious and benefical treatments. Our Signature Treatments include a Diamond & Gold Skin Revival Ritual and an AntiAging Face and Body Marine Ritual as well as our Anti Cellulite Treatment and our Rituals.

Sunshine Experience
A great way to re-energise tired skin and breathe new life into the body. It begins with a Lemon, Orange and Lychee Body Scrub, which will leave your skin nouished and revitalised. The Lychee in this Body Scrub are rich in  enzymes which allow for an extremely effective exfoliation. Next, your therapist will begin the Orange and Apricot Energising Body Wrap, where a warmed mixture is applied all over the body and you are wrapped in a blanket.
The experience is concluded with a Lemon and Orange Oil Application focusing on Shiatsu Pressure Points. This will promote a deep sense of relaxation which further hydrates the skin and nourishes the cells. Shiatsu is based on the balancing of meridian points in the body to release endorphins, thus creating a feel good factor. By working the Shiatsu points we immediately release the hormone endorphin which has a sedating effect and promotes the feeling of well being.

Diamond Ritual
A Body Exfoliation using the power of pure diamond powder followed by a softening Honey & Milk Body Wrap for shimmering silky skin. A Diamond Body Exfoliation will prepare your skin to absorb the nourishment from our Honey & Milk Body Wrap. The ritual is completed with an application of an Enriched Body Cream.

Island Spa Tropical Ritual
Exclusive to Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa, the Tropical Ritual aims to bring back the feel good factor. Our Exotic Vanilla & Coconut Exfoliation Ritual will invigorate and revitalise the skin. This treatment will deep cleanse, polish and soften the skin. We begin by applying the Vanilla and Coconut body polish to remove dead skin cells and impurities boosting cellular renewal. The journey
continues with our Coconut Ocean Float envelopment, hydrating and nourishing the cells. Your truly tropical experience will be completed with a gentle massage using a blend of Jasmine & Vanilla leaving you with a sweet exotic fragrance.

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The Diamond & Gold Skin Revival
Face, Décolletage & Hands

Gold is the symbol for inner light, the sun and vital energy, while Diamonds are known to be the door to the terrestrial unknown. The healing and anti-aging properties of Diamond and Gold combined, create a force that will stimulate and balance your skin and remove toxins from the body with their healing abilities. This rejuvenating treatment which includes rose-hip oil and pure gold flakes will leave your face, décolletage and hands revitalised and youthful.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment
Remove cellulite, toxins and smooth your skin with this total detox treatment. Using a rich sea salt scrub and anti-cellulite mask on the problem areas of the bottom, tummy and thighs followed by a lymphatic drainage massage, this treatment will help to banish cellulite and leave your skin glowing and silky smooth.