• The hotel is home to one of Ireland’s largest solar arrays which has been generating electricity since 2006.
  • We most recently decided to make the sustainably conscious switch to Calor BioLPG, which is a 100% renewable energy source.
  • We have 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Points for customer use in the carpark.
  • All departments are committed to responsible recycling and have systems in place to recycle and compost where possible.
  • Documents are sent by email where possible to reduce the use of paper.
  • Our team regularly organise beach clean ups with Staff and Local Residents
  • We work with Clean Coasts to improve and protect our coastal environment.
  • Inchydoney East Beach has been awarded one of 66 Green Coast Beach Awards. This award is a symbol of environmental excellence, established to acknowledge, promote and protect the beach environment.
  • We sell or donate our hotel stock and furniture, when possible, with every upgrade.



  • We use refillable bottles for our cleaning products and have an automated system installed on our washing machines to dispense the washing liquid and softener. We use biodegradable laundry bags and bathroom coasters
  • We use glass bottles for guest’s water and collect use coffee pods and return them to Nespresso for recycling
  • The hand soap we provide is packed in recyclable cardboard box 
  • We have switched to LED lighting all around and use key cards that activate electricity
  • The furniture in our apartments is made from recycled and reclaimed wood
  • All public area toilets have a double flusher to help water conservation
  • The heating in apartments is being upgraded to the new EU regulated energy saving units


Food & Beverage

  • We choose and support our most local suppliers first where possible when ordering. This reduces the distance produce has to travel and supports our local artisan producers.
  • We do not use single use sachets or pots and only have paper straws in all Food and Beverage areas. We use paper bags and compostable cutlery, containers, and cups for our takeaway menu.
  • Chefs closely monitor all food ordering and consumption so we can minimise wastage. Used oil is collected from the kitchen and recycled by Frylite
  • We have a glass bottle crusher on the premises for all the bottles that cannot be taken back by the suppliers, as well as a cardboard press that compacts big cardboard boxes and makes it easier to recycle. 



Island Spa

  • Water from the ocean is used in our Seawater Therapy Pool and for our Seawater Treatments. We partner with Elemis, Les Luneides and Ground to provide environmentally friendly treatments and products for guests.
  • All the swim wear we retail is made partially from recycled materials.
  • All our cups, forks and hand towels at juice bar are compostable.
  • We use refillable dispensers in changing rooms to reduce the use of plastic bottles.
  • Showers in changing rooms automatically timed to stop to reduce water wastage. We use rechargeable batteries for our display lights around the spa area & treatment rooms.


Play your part

  • We would love our guests to become involved in our quest to protect our environment.  We encourage all guests to take responsibility during their stay with us and we suggest several ways in which they can help be part of the sustainability journey with us. 
  • Towels left hanging in the bathroom will be left for you to reuse, others will be changed.
  • Soaps from the guest bathrooms can be taken home with you.
  • Please try not to run water unnecessarily and inform a member of staff if you notice any leaks.
  • Please turn off all lights and electrical equipment when leaving your room.
  • Please close the windows if the heat is on in your room.
  • Place glass and cans , as well as used batteries on the dressing table. Newspapers, Magazines and Plastic Bottles can be placed in the bedroom bin. These will be collected by Housekeeping for recycling.  Please use the bathroom dustbin for other waste.
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