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Seawater Therapy Pool

The Seawater Therapy Pool is a unique feature of the Island Spa and it benefits are numerous. Seawater is pumped daily from the Atlantic Ocean into the pool. The Seawater is heated to 31 degrees and at this temperature to pores in the skin can absorb all of the nutrients and goodness abundant in the seawater. A selection of underwater jets, bubble seats and counter currents within the pool offer guests a complete workout underwater.

To ensure that all guests can enjoy the Seawater Pool, we have a booking system in place. Guests can enjoy up to 40mins in the Seawater Pool each day, which needs to be reserved in advance.

Children's Hours in the pool are from 10.00am to 12.40pm and again from 2.40pm to 5.20pm.

Special offers

Inchydoney Island became home to Ireland’s first Thalassotherapy Spa in 1998. Thalassotherapy is a combination of the two Greek words meaning Sea and Medical Treatment. The Island Spa combines a heated Seawater Therapy Pool and Thalassotherapy Treatments, based on the use of Seawater as well as Sea Muds and Seaweed to create a unique Spa experience.

The human body is much lighter in seawater and therefore the Seawater Pool is of benefit to people of all ages and abilities. It is particularly beneficial to those who cannot swim or are fearful of water, as the salt in the Seawater makes the body more buoyant and aids floatation. Seawater is pumped daily from the ocean into the Seawater Therapy Pool and heated to 31 degrees.

Swimming in water at this temperature allows the pores of the skin expand and the body to absorb the nutrients and goodness from the seawater.

Along with our partners Les Luneides in Paris, we have created a range of Seawater and Sea Mud based treatments to combat cellulite, aid in detox, pain relief and weight loss as we as creating a feeling of wellbeing.